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Avatar is the next generation end-to-end supply chain planning solution covering all decision layers

From strategic design to supply chain execution – the cloud-native Avatar takes supply chain planning to a new level: unprecedented supply chain resilience and KPI-based decision-making give companies a head start for tomorrow’s business world.

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Best-in-Class Supply Chain Planning

Supply chain planning and operations are more and more driven by the optimal balance between a company’s main economical targets: sustainable and resilient networks as well as maximized profit, growth and services. The Avatar planning suite is designed to enable organizations to achieve these goals – all of them.

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Resilience Driven Decisions
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Best-in-class Planning
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Holistic E2E Decision Making
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A Headstart for Your Supply Chain

The Avatar is new, it is fast and it is the solution to many of today’s supply chain challenges. Get a first glimpse in our video. 


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Avatar cPP&DS

Concurrent Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling for IBP

Avatar cPP&DS is a cloud-native application that enables KPI-driven production planning and detailed scheduling. It supports real-time vertical and horizontal scenario planning, optimization and order sequencing. The automated decision support is enabled via a new integrated cognitive planning engine. Decision-makers get insights into the impacts of detailed scheduling on the supply chain as a whole in real-time.  

Avatar cPP&DS connects advanced scheduling capabilities seamlessly to SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions (cloud & on-premise). Especially companies from the process industries benefit from mapping their end-to-end planning requirements with SAP IBP. As part of SAP Partner ecosystem and Industry Cloud Solution, Avatar cPP&DS is also available on SAP store.

Product Planning

"Avatar cPP&DS is a cloud-native high-performance, advanced planning and scheduling solution that offers real-time simulation and convergence to execution. This close connection enables decision-makers to respond smartly to any planning changes. As SAP Industry Cloud Solution, Avatar cPP&DS for SAP IBP is available on SAP store."

Aseem Gaur, Head of Alliances & Channel Sales
Aseem Gaur
Demand Driven MRP


Avatar reduces variability in supply and demand by making use of the DDMRP methodology. Strategic decoupling and buffer sizing, as well as Demand-Driven replenishment heuristic empower Avatar to reduce supply chain risk. In addition to an advanced DDMRP logic, it also comes with a MRP solution, to handle all kinds of product portfolios.

Product life cycle planning, empowered by a phase-in and phase-out solution for the DDMRP process ensures that product launches will not create any manual work, and obsolete products are detected in an early state and waste is minimized.

The DDMRP solution of Avatar does not only create a pull plan based on real demand, but it does also a supply plan projection over the whole planning horizon according to DDMRP methodology, so that capacity requirements can be derived from it.

To provide feedback into the distribution network, the Avatar Demand-Driven Supply Propagation is able to push a supply plan from the most upstream level of the supply chain into the downstream customer direction by considering the target inventory buffer levels as the fair-share rule. This order confirmation provides an end-to-end visibility in a Demand-Driven manner.


The Avatar-based S&OE process​ ensures a concurrent, resilience-driven decision-making​ that will maximize sustainability by design and lead to profitable growth and optimized cost. Our S&OE solution – based on a strong master planning process and the visibility provided by the Avatar Control Tower – provides the missing link from tactical decisions to operational planning as a pioneer in the market. It enables companies to react quickly when plans are disrupted, turning it to their advantage instead of wasting resources and time in constant firefighting.

The solution provides ​​unpreceded decision support in managing today’s more and more complex supply chains. Fast planning algorithms provide a feasible end-to-end master plan on aggregated and on detailed level, using our unified data model, and allow for unlimited scenarios and simulation versions. The selection of the best alternative is enabled by smart Control Tower dashboards and evaluation support using machine learning technology. 

S&OE - Sales and Operations Execution


Avatar Strategic Risk and Resilient Capability Management is the worldwide first solution that helps to quantify risk proactively in a given network and provides decision support for re-adjusting the network to become more resilient. The advanced and risk-aware analytics for strategic end-to-end capacity planning is offered as a highly flexible solution ready to meet your requirements. 

With the solution, supply chain leaders will know exactly how long a network can sustain a future disruption, how sales and service levels will be impacted, and, most importantly, what needs to be done so that any next disruption hitting the supply chain does not have severe impacts on supply chain performance. The solution increases a company’s capability resilience index up to 100% and ensures on-time delivery to achieve robust profit for years. So, supply chain leaders will know today how to make the supply chain resilient for the future – any future.


Learn more about the platform behind Avatar and the built-on solutions. It’s a one of its kind.


Avatar can be used as a digital twin for supply chains in various industries to provide horizontally and vertically integrated end-to-end planning. 

The solution secures enterprise boundaries by leveraging confidential computing and security by design and provides control over the full value chain.

To integrate into the relevant System of Records and Systems of Differentiation in a native, near real-time manner, Avatar comes with predefined mappings for most of the use cases.


Hypertrust Platform provides the go-to, modular enterprise stack for new and emerging business offerings and processes based on innovative technologies. It offers everything to develop, operate and maintain enterprise solutions at any scale.

The platform enables hyperscaler-independent solutions and is fully based on cloud-native technologies with multiple centralized and decentralized deployment options: cloud, on-premise and edge deployments, as single node, forming a service mesh or contributing to distributed ledgers.

Confidential Computing capabilities bring business logic to the data to enable new levels of trust in both the data and the applied algorithms. The platform supports confidential federated data models. The provided scalability, performance, trust, confidentiality and integrity of data and logic is the foundation of Avatar Distributed Supply Chain Planning.


The elastic multi-mode and multi-protocol integration approach provides freedom of protocol and methods.

An integrated data and process management allows for cross-systems data flow, event-driven messaging, and data management concepts like data mesh, data fabric, and data lake. 

It is seamlessly integrated into SAP by using SAP standard integration technology (CIF/RTI, Event messaging, Event Mesh support) and the Camelot Integration Toolkit for backward compatibility.


The Cognitive Engine is a key enabler for Automatic SCP using machine learning and high-performance computing.

It provides the technologies to automatically perform the decomposition of end-to-end supply chain problems by design and allows massively parallel processing of disjunct problems on various algorithms.

It is open to integrate customer-specific algorithms and external frameworks providing high extensibility by unmatched performance.


The Optimizer Engine offers a library of standard supply chain decision problems such as network, supply and distribution planning among many others. 

The modeling and data structure given by the Avatar Unified Core Model allows to flexibly adjust or expand those standard decision models. An industry-specific model library is an additional pillar of the Optimizer Engine – covering our experience with different companies and industries. The engine further provides a solver-agnostic set-up allowing to choose the best solver for a company’s underlying decision model. 

Next to standard deterministic formulations, it allows to cover uncertain future developments and to integrate those into stochastic programs. Related solutions offer decision-maker’s resilient and dependable decision support. New customer-specific problems can be met via individual and customer-tailored model formulation executed as explorative use cases.


One model to rule them all: The Avatar combines three important data models in one, so users can choose the right model for their individual needs. 

The planning model with its in-memory graph database provides high-performance computing capabilities that allow aggregated and disaggregated scenario planning and simulation.​ 

The ML model is the basis for all machine learning algorithms and can be extended to third-party frameworks.​ The optimizer model provides an adaptable framework for various state of the art optimizer solvers thus E2E supply chain problems can be solved by composing the solvers in an optimal way.


The solution framework provides a “freedom of methods” approach, supporting optimizers, ML, simulation, heuristics, BYC as well as external services.

Pre-packaged building blocks and pre-defined applications enable a quick and smart adaption to process and customer specifics.

It provides ultimate extensibility for upcoming functional requirements in the fields of data, logistics and supply chain.


By using an innovative code-to-data approach, we deliver high-performance extensibility in the Avatar. ​

Avatar comes with an integrated development environment within the browser application, enabling constant development of new capabilities.

The extension framework is transparent to customers and supports their own implementations and extensions.


Customize the Avatar UI for your preferences and needs.

Dark Mode Capability


Scenarios enable an end-to-end simulation over the entire supply chain and support advanced what-if analysis as well as smart alerts. They are created ad-hoc by the users and shared collaboratively to create an always consistent and concurrent planning result. 

The scenario planning ensures the best possible supply or production plan, as well as the optimal inventory positions through scenario-based one-click optimizer engines.

Collaborate across the company and business partners by using the MS Teams Integration. 

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Collaboration in Avatar
Collaboration in Avatar

"The composable and modular system of the Avatar unlocks highly advanced supply chain capabilities in a very fast manner. It is a true enabler of innovation and differentiation."

Steffen Joswig, CTO
Steffen Joswig CTO Portrait


The unified data model of Avatar ensures end-to-end alignment between the detailed order-based operational plan on the one hand side, and an aggregated view of the distribution network and customer perspective on the other hand side.

By connecting both views in a zero-latency approach, the sales plan and the operational execution plan are tightly coupled, which allows to easily manage disruptions and changes in demand.



Empowered by machine learning algorithms, the Avatar Cognitive Engine allows enterprises to drive descriptive, predictive and prescriptive performance analyses in-depth and in real-time. With its plug-and-play dashboards, Avatar provides all relevant metrics in the right granularity and dimensions that are critical for decision-making.

Specific individual supply chain requirements can be easily built with the machine learning framework and added to the set that already comes with Avatar.

Camelot Inventory Analyzer
Camelot COVID Analyzer
Camelot Demand Analyzer​
Camelot Margin Analyzer​
Camelot Logistics Analyzer
Camelot Rhythm Wheel Analyzer


Use cloud-native features of the Avatar to scale your supply chain planning to the needs of your supply chain. 

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Supply Chain Innovation from 25 Years of Experience

The Avatar originates from Camelot ITLab, the globally trusted technology and process expert who is leading the market in digital Value Chain Management with renowned customers and partners. For more than 25 years, we have been innovating our customers’ business with industry-changing ideas of “What’s next”.

The Avatar is built up by a diverse and interdisciplinary team with a powerful vision: pushing the boundaries of supply chain management for new added value. The creators of Avatar seek to solve the most challenging business pains and they know exactly how to tackle them: by leveraging proven process and technology know-how, a broad spectrum of innovative technologies, as well as strong, global partnerships.

Steffen Joswig

Steffen Joswig